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  Tax Advisory:  

1. Indirect Taxation:

  Central Excise Duty
Custom Duty
Service Tax
Sales Tax/ Value Added Tax
Goods & Services Tax

2. Direct Taxation:

  Corporate Tax
Income Tax
Tax Deduction/Collection at Source
Non Resident Indian Taxation
Wealth Tax
  3. International Taxation:  
    GATT Valuation for Custom Duty & Special Valuation Branch
Anti dumping Duty, Safeguard Duty & Countervailing Duty
World Trade Organization
Transfer Pricing between Associated Enterprises
Double Taxation Avoidance and DTAA
Withholding Tax


    4. Business Advisory Services:
  Foreign Investment
  Foreign Trade
  Foreign Exchange Management & RBI guidelines
  Corporate Laws
  Commercial & Business Laws
  Private equity & Venture Capital
  Strategic Tie up, Mergers & Acquisitions
Industrial Licensing & Regulations
Labour Laws
Compliance with Business Laws
    The above list is only indicative, and not exhaustive of our services.
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